Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Series 1 War Grizzly

Series 1: War Grizzly It flies low over the thick shrubs and erratically through the tall pine trees, landing on a branch to rest. It jumps into the air again flying aimlessly on its calling to migrate. The fat cicada bug buzzes onward towards the road. Moments later, a glowing orb of light appears over the hill approaching quickly toward the pest. The light engulfs the bug and it’s splattered all over Shane’s Chopper’s headlights. Shane continued on ripping down the curvy backroads, twisting the throttle into the turns. The …

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The Making of an Incredible Awesome Superpowers

Contorted and searching for an exit, I can’t recall the position John forced me to hold before he first asked about the book.  The initial request seems blurred in my memory, so I’m leaning towards a choke. The inquiry, however, remained casual and direct, “I have an idea for a jiu-jitsu kids book.  Will you write it?” When Ground Shark, an award-winning artist and folk icon of the combat sports art world, asks you to do something, I’ve found its best to say yes. We began with John’s title, “How …

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