Spike and Chester Print


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Spike and Chester Go To Jiu Jitsu print

This design is a tribute to my favorite childhood cartoon with a jiu jitsu twist, of course. In 1954 Looney Tunes created Spike, a big burly bulldog, and his little jumpy terrier friend, Chester. Chester is always asking Spike to do things.

“Hey Spike, wanna go chase a ball?”
“Hey Spike, wanna go beat up a cat?”

Until one day, Chester asks the right question.

“Hey Spike, wanna go to Jiu Jitsu?”
“Let’s go!”

The pair head down a dark alley on their way to class… luckily they know jiu jitsu haha.

This design along with many others are totally customizable. For instance, you may have a blank wall to tag your graffiti on. Add sayings, school names, and/or logos. Anything you want written in graffiti on your print is possible, making it a one of a kind original. Email me for more details!!


12"x18", 24" x 36", High Res Digital

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