Valhalla War Grizzly


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I think Odin himself would get this poster. “The Valhalla War Grizzly”. Those 3 words just sound awesome together. And you mix that with jiu jitsu and Odin has one deadly pet. The Grizzly has won almost every battle on the Instagram Kumites. He’s always a fan favorite and usually wins by a landslide from your votes. Now, you can have him in your living room! No matter what your wife or girlfriend may say, the Valhalla War Grizzly deserves a worthy place in your home. Whether it’s above the fire place, in the dining room, or hanging in your man cave, put him up with the pride and respect that he deserves. It’s a Valhalla War Grizzly, damnit.


12" x18 ", 24" x 36", High Res Digital

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