John Connell

Series 1 War Grizzly

Series 1: War Grizzly It flies low over the thick shrubs and erratically through the tall pine trees, landing on a branch to rest. It jumps into the air again flying aimlessly on its calling to migrate. The fat cicada bug buzzes onward towards the road. Moments later, a glowing orb of light appears over the hill approaching quickly toward the pest. The light engulfs the bug and it’s splattered all over Shane’s Chopper’s headlights. Shane continued on ripping down the curvy backroads, twisting the throttle into the turns. The […]

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Jiu Jitsu : Insta Accepted

It was a Friday, the last day of school for 8th grade. The sun was beaming down, a light breeze occasionally whistled by, and there were no clouds in sight. School buses could be seen dropping off rowdy children, stepping off the bus and chucking their backpacks into the air while screaming in joy. It was a celebratory day for these kids, one that called for a last-day-of-school pool party. As girls were packing their pool bags with pink towels and scented sunscreen, the boys were slapping on cologne and

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  Prologue    Before the dawn of man, the Gods sent lumbering beasts to inhabit their lands.  Simple, yet fierce, these animals ruled the globe and battled for the pleasure of the Gods.  Soon the combat became predictable and the Gods became bored with their creation.  These creatures disappointed the Gods because they could not provide the Gods with what they desired most.  Frustrated, the Gods reigned celestial weapons upon the land to destroy their creations.  Odin, sent giant shelves of ice, freezing all life in the north.  Zeus plagued

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